StarFest 2016 Dates and all Events

This year StarFest will held over the October long weekend. Tickets on sale now.

Friday 30th September (Science in the Pub)


All proceeds from this event go to supporting VRA – NSW Volunteer Rescue Association.

The VRA will be raffling a 40″ Hisense Smart TV over the weekend. Tickets will be on sale from the VRA and Starfest Committee. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

Saturday 1st October (Open Day at Siding Spring Observatory)

Sunday 2nd October (The Life and Times of our Milky Way Galaxy Talk)

A not to be missed event with Dr Amanda Bauer, find out about The Life and Times of our Milky Way Galaxy (entry by gold coin donation, all donations go to the VRA)

Open Day – Sat 1st Oct 2016




October 1st 2016 – 9:30am till 4pm

Can’t make Open Day but would like to see the talks? We will be streaming the talks live on the day.


Siding Spring Observatory (the Mud Map and Program is ready for you here!). Remember to pick up your What’s On booklet on the day!


There’s a whole day of activities – view the Mud Maps for Open Day.

*Open Day Program (see Program 2016 in PDF)

*Tour the telescopes

*Hear talks by world famous astronomers in the AAT Dome (see Talks Program 2016 AAT in PDF)

*Talks designed for children in the Exploratory (see Childrens Talks Program 2016 in PDF)

*Enjoy activities for the whole family

*See the science displays including for example solar viewing and Starr’s Planetarium

Starr's Planetarium

*Eat at the newly refurbished Exploratory cafe, or grab a sausage sizzle on the way round

*Starfest will be supporting the work of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) this year. The VRA will be raffling a 40″ Hisense Smart TV over the weekend. Tickets will be on sale from the VRA and Starfest Committee. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.

*And much much more

How can I get there? Bus or Drive?

Bus from Coonabarabran

Pick Up 1: 9am pick up at Visitors centre in town, 9:30am drop off at SSO.

Pick Up 2: 12:30pm pick up at Visitors centre in town, 1:00pm drop off at SSO.

Return to Coonabarabran Visitors centre

Return 1: 12pm from Exploratory at SSO

Return 2: 4pm from Exploratory at SSO

Drive and Park

There’s tons of parking – drive on in. You will be directed as you approach the telescopes.

Do I Have To Book?

No! Just rock on up – we would love to see you!

The Life and Times of our Milky Way Galaxy with Dr Amanda Bauer – Sun 2nd Oct


Sunday October 2nd, 2016 – 11:00 am


Coonabarabran Bowling Club

Who? Dr Amanda Bauer!

The nearby spiral galaxy M83 (NGC 5236). Three-colour image made from BGR plates taken at the AAT prime focus: 2389 IIa-O/GG 385 30m 2390 IIa-D/GG 495 30m 2391 098-04/RG 610 35m

Dr Amanda Bauer is an Astronomer and Outreach Officer for the Australian Astronomical Observatory. In 2015, she was named in the “Top 5 Under 40” among Australian Science Communicators and Researchers and received the Australian Institute of Physics NSW Community Outreach to Physics Award. Amanda uses earth-based and orbiting space telescopes to explore variations in how galaxies formed, how they lived their lives, and how they evolved into the diverse array of galaxy species we see today. You can find her online as @astropixie at

What is the Subject?

“The Life and Times of our Milky Way Galaxy”

What will happen to our Milky Way Galaxy when it inevitably crashes into the titanic Andromeda galaxy? A lot of change! But no need to worry about this cosmic disaster during our lifetimes, though, as the head-on collision will not occur for another 4 billion years.  This presentation takes the audience through the story of our Galaxy, from its formation soon after the Big Bang, to the distant future when the stars are no longer burning. The Milky Way Galaxy is an exciting place to call home!


To book your seats is free but a gold coin donation is appreciated on the day. Book your seats at Sticky Tickets now!

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Dr Amanda Bauer - Bok Lecture 2016