Science in the Pub 2022. Back LIVE at the Coona Golf Club

Friday 30th September at 6:30pm

2357 Development Group INC will bring you the 2022 Science in the Club event.

Join our MC Matt Dodds and a line up of stellar guest panelists for a fun filled evening discussing the mysteries of the Universe

Our panelists this year include;
  Fred Watson
  Jackie Bondall
  Jonti Horner
  Andrew Battisti

Dinner and show tickets are on sale NOW. Dinner starts at 5pm at the Club. There is a choice of meals with information to come. Tickets for meals on site MUST be bought when purchasing tickets. The show will start from 6:30pm.

Science in the Pub tickets are nearly SOLD OUT


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Open Day 2022 Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran.

1st October 2022 from 9:30am to 16:00pm

For just one day of the year, Siding Spring Observatory in Coonabarabran opens its telescopes to the public. It's your chance to take a closer look at Australia's largest optical astronomy site. A great family day out, with presentations by internationally-acclaimed astronomers, science displays, food stall, solar observing and activities for children.

It’s a free event, no bookings needed.

Don’t worry there are buses running all around site if you don’t want to walk!

Currently the ANU requires mask wearing indoors; Please wear a face mask before entering enclosed spaces, e.g. the telescope domes and the Lodge Conference room. Face masks are not required outside. Masks are availble at all entrances.

  • Download our 2022 Full Open Day Program
  • Tour the telescopes with ANU Staff Get the Map and the Information
  • Hear talks by world famous astronomers in the Lodge Conference Room Download the Lodge Talks Program
  • Talks aimed at Kids in the ExploratoryDownload the Kids Talks Program
  • Tour the AAT - come INSIDE! And up close
  • AAT Catwalk
  • Tour the 2.3m
  • Tour I-Telescope
  • Tour the newly opened Huntsman Telescope
  • Food stalls; Pilliga Pottery, Rotary BBQ, Lil Coffee Cart, Coffee and Cake at the Lodge Cafe
  • David Allen walking trail will be officially opened at 12:30pm followed by a Traditional Smoking Ceromony and Welcome to Country
  • Starr’s Planetarium
  • Tamworth Astronomy Club solar viewing
  • Warrumbungle National Park Discovery Rangers
  • Blast Off! With OzGrav's amazing VR system - take a trip out into the solar system and beyond


The Bok Lecture 2022

Saturday 1st October at 14:30

The BOK Lecture will be held in the SSO Lodge Conference Room Our Guest Speaker this year is Distinguished Professor Susan M. Scott. Professor Susan Scott is from The Australian National Univesity and is a Gravitational Wave Detection expert.

Surfing gravitational waves to probe the dark side of the Universe

In 1915 Albert Einstein produced his miraculous new theory of gravitation, general relativity. In the following years it would be well tested, but only in local regions of the Universe where gravity is weak. It passed all these tests, but it remained to be seen if it would still hold up, or break down, when tested in regions of the Universe where gravity is strong.

A few months after Einstein announced his new theory, he concluded that it predicted the existence of gravitational waves, an entirely new form of radiation, which is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum. He thought, however, that these waves would be too weak for us to ever detect them.

Following a century of technology evolution, and fundamental advances in our understanding of general relativity, and despite an ongoing groundswell of naysayers and disbelievers, in 2015 we achieved the remarkable first direct detection of gravitational waves on Earth.

This talk documents that journey. We will examine how well Einstein’s theory stands up under conditions of strong gravity, and we will see how we can surf gravitational waves to probe the dark side of the Universe.

Entry will be FREE

The talk above starts at 14:30, please be there early to get a seat.


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Dark Sky Champion Award

Warrumbungle Dark Sky Park

In 2015, the Warrumbungle National Park was the first place in Australian to be designated as a Dark Sky Place. The designation not only celebrates the night sky and allows visitors from all over the world to see a star filled sky but is something that the community has come to embrace as a benefit to the people, place and planet.

In conjunction with StarFest, the Dark Sky Park Committee (Warrumbungle Council, 2357, Siding Spring Observatory and Australasian Dark Sky Alliance) have created the Dark Sky Ambassador Award, recognising those who have engaged with the Dark Sky Park and have shared the benefits with others.

An award for excellence in this pursuit will be announced at StarFest this year:

Dark Sky Ambassador Award – for groups or individuals

Groups or individuals, who wish to enter should be able to demonstrate they have directly contributed to the success of the dark sky park through an event, project or activity that:

  • 1. Engages/d the general public in an innovative activity, event or project.
  • 2. Raises/d awareness about light pollution, mitigation, research and/or technology and,
  • 3. Encourages/d audience behavioural changes.
  • 4. Reaches/d a wide audience through facebook posts, database mailouts, project, event participation etc.

For more information please see Warrumbungle Dark Sky Park


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