From the Starfest Trivia Quiz winner

By on Oct 28, 2014 in News |

Congratulations Chloe – the winner of the Starfest 2014 Trivia Quiz. Chloe sent the following email of thanks.


Thankyou I’ve been using the binoculars and they’re amazing! Much more portable than a telescope!

Here are a few paragraphs about myself:

I’ve been interested in astronomy for as long as I can remember, but it probably started when my dad took me to an open day of the Parkes Radio Telescope.  My mum has taken me all across the state-Parkes, Canberra, Coonabarabran-to see astronomy events and observatories.  I love astronomy because it focuses on the big picture, but also all the little things that make up the big picture.  Space is so beautiful, but we see hardly any of it, and that’s why I think astronomy is important; to get closer to the stars.

I really enjoy the Starfest weekend because it’s a great way to see what being an astronomer is really like, and it gets the public interested in science.  I especially enjoy Science in the Pub because it’s a great way to learn while having fun too!  I’m glad that the weekend has activities for all ages, as it’s never too late to get into astronomy, nor too early!  It’s fascinating to see all the work that goes into running the telescopes, and to imagine that one day t might be me there making the important discoveries.

I hope to be able to study physics at ANU after high school, to hopefully get into a career in astrophysics or cosmology.  Both fields are fascinating, and quite honestly I want to study everything!  I look forward to hopefully working with some of the scientists that I have met at Starfest, and making new discoveries about the universe.